"Hi, I'm Caitlyn. Camper today, top selling music producer tomorrow."
―Caitlyn Gellar

Caitlyn Gellar is a character from Camp Rock who is talented music producer and wants to make a living of it when she's older. In the film, she is Mitchie's best friend at the camp. She has a laptop, creating new songs or beats.

Camp RockEdit

Caitlyn is a very good music producer and she is always seen with her laptop, creating new songs or beats. When Mitchie arrives she is the first one to introduce herself and be nice to Mitchie. After a food fight in the mess hall between Tess, Caitlyn and Mitchie, she is made to do kitchen duty by Brown. It is there where Caitlyn finds out about Mitchie's lies before anyone else in the camp, and still stays and hangs around with Mitchie while the rest of the camp turns against her, froming a close bond between them. Tess then frames Mitchie and Caitlyn for stealing her charm bracelet and the two are banned from all camp activities until the end of Final Jam by Brown. On the night of Final Jam, while thinking about how unfair this whole thing is, they reailze that Brown never really believed Tess and when he said "Until the end of Final Jam" he actually meant it. They race down to the stage and Mitchie performs the song with Caitlyn on the keyboard. After seeing them perform, Tess apologizes and they become friends.

At the end of the film we see Mitchie, Tess, Caitlyn, Ella, Lola and Peggy at Caityln's garage where she has built a small recording studio. The six of them record a song called "Our Time is Here".

Camp Rock 1 1/2: Camp Hop (long descriptive beggining summary)Edit

Caitlyn's role in this fanfiction, might very well, actually be a bigger role than Mitchie's in the fanfiction. After arriving at Camp Rock again. Caitlyn tells Mitchie that she is going to visit a 'haunted' cabin in the middle of a lake called 'The Lake of Dancing Shadow Dragons'. Caitlyn tells Mitchie about the rumour that the cabin is haunted, and music is coming out of the cabin every day of summer. Mitchie tells her to be careful, then departs to another area in the Camp. Caitlyn then rents out a small boat, and sails it out the cabin, to which she finds an empty boat, and a ladder. Which, in prompt, scares her as the cabin is supposed to be haunted. While she climbs up the ladder, she hears the music suddenly stops. Scaring her even more, but still being courageous enough to enter the cabin. She sees a Keyboard near the window, where it is open, having the curtains swish slowly in the air, a simple couch, and a TV. She ponders the area, and her eyes land on an iPhone. She goes to it, and wonders why exactly there is technology in the cabin, if its supposed to be old and haunted. Then, as she nears closer, and about to hold the phone, out of the shadows, comes a boy and asks 'What are you doing here?'. The calm voice scares her, making her flinch, with her hand flying at the boy, which is quickly dodged. They boy then sinks deeper into the shadows, and turns on the lights, which have the room sparkle with a sincere atmosphere. The boy is then revealed to be about her age, but has a mask covering the lower portion of his face, including his nose. The boy reveals he is a dancer, singer, and a music composer/producer. Which excites Caitlyn as she is also a music composer/producer. Seeing as the boy means no threat to her, she semi-begs him to let her hear a song he's composed if he has. Which he has. The boy signals her to his keyboard, which they both stand at. Caitlyn steps back a bit, to allow him space to use the keyboard. As he slowly puts his hands and fingers on the board, in a quick instance, his fingers dance across the keys. The sound seems unusual to her, which he reveals is meant for being a theme song of a video game character, that he and his friends made.

Eventually, Caitlyn leaves and tells Mitchie about him. Then it is revealed the boy is part of another camp called Camp Hop.


~ It is speculated that Caitlyn might have a slight crush on the Boy that lives in the SummerHouse Cabin.


Caitlyn on Camp Rock Wiki

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