Chaotic Scarlet Siblings are a group of 3 unrelated friends owned by the creator of Camp Rock Fanon (One-Winged Demon).<Yes. It makes no sense that it says Unrelated Siblings, yet its just for artistic purposes, like a band.)The 3 being:

~Geo 'Scarlet'

~Nicolas 'Scarlet'

~and Cherisse 'Scarlet'


'A Great Chance to compose Music with a little bit of 'Scarlet Chaos' in it.' ~Geo when first asked ('onscreen' read) about the Chaotic Scarlet Siblings

'An Exclusive group were we follow our own Rules of Music. Even though its given a random play of keys at first, it eventually becomes a Albums of Music, where, the Keys would make no sense, but still sound awesome.' ~Nicolas when asked

'WE CAN MAKE OUR OWN MUSIC!!! :)' ~Cherisse

Songs, Albums, and Composers/ProducersEdit

Even though in the fanfiction their 'originally composed/produced' work is shown as theirs, in real life it's the work of artists, the author of Camp Rock 1 1/2: Camp Hop (who also happens to be the creator of Camp Rock Fanon) considers great music. The author of the fanfiction says 'All rights to the songs belong as original property to -company- -or artist-.'

Geo's Known AlbumsEdit

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (EoSD)

Kingdom of Hearts (KingdomHearts)

Sonic Boom (Sonic the Hedgehog -Sonic-)

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (SWR)

Advent Children (Final Fantasy)

Elite Champions (Elite4 + Champion themes)

Geo's Known SongsEdit

Locked~Girl *Patchouli Knowledge's Theme* (EoSD)

Locked~Girl -Girl's Secret Room- *Patchouli's Theme* (SWR)

Flowering Night SWR *Sakuya's Theme*

Septette for the Dead Princess *Remilia's Theme* (EoSD)

Live and Learn (Sonic)

E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc Robeatnix Mix (Sonic)

Biolizard Supporting ME (Sonic)

Throw it All Away [Instrumental] (Sonic)

Zero Gravity 'Catch me If You Can' (Sonic)

13th Struggle [Main Piece] (KingdomHearts)

Cherisse's Known Albums:Edit

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Embodiement of Scarlet Devil



Cherisse's Known SongsEdit

SWR The Doll Maker of Bucuresti *Alice Margatroid's Theme*

SWR Night Fall ~ Evening Star

Nicolas' Known AlbumsEdit

Rave Trance

Kingdom of Hearts

Kamen Rider (KR)

Advent Children

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Final Fantasy

Nicolas' Known SongsEdit

Fight for Justice. Individual System NAGO version *Rising IXA's Theme* (KR)

SWR Septette for the Dead Princess

Vanitas' Sentiment Backwards (KH)

To Zanarkand -piano- (FFX)

Let the Battles Begin! -piano- *AC Tifa vs Loz* (Advent Children)

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