Geo Martz or known as his stage name

Geo Scarlet, is a young boy at about the ages 15-17. His professions are: Dancer, Singer, Music Composer/Producer (un-professional), Expert Author (un-professional), Choreographer, and Camp Admin.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Geo's childhood. What is known is that, he has known Nicolas and Cherisse for, at least a decade, and that he has studied the art of dance, and song.

Intelligence + Intelligence CharacteristicsEdit

Geo has a Superior Intelligence, refrencing Terman's Stanford-Binet Second Revision Classification, Geo has an IQ of 134, which falls into the Superior Intelligence category. He has a gifted intelligence, and also shows many characteristics of giftedness.

~He has a hightened sense of smell, becoming VERY uncomfortable to certain smells (One such example is the smell of pumpkin, which he hates)

~The vision in his right eye is comparable to that of a Falcon

~He prefers the sole company of only few people (Nicolas, Caitlyn, Cherisse), or just the company of Music.

~Has Large Vocabulary

~Highly Creative

~Might be emotionally sensitive

~Physically sensitive

~Has exceptionally high reading and writing, but very low mathematical understanding

~Frequently Questions Authority (those higher than him)


~One noticeable thing is that, while he posses extremely high vision in his right eye (120 vision, his left 20. BIG difference), his left has average eyesight.

~Oddly, his left eye has Vertigo, even though his right is perfectly fine. Somehow, that halves the normal nature of Vertigo, but it can still cause him headaches, dizziness, and sometimes fainting.


Geo is generally a kind and caring person, although he tends to isolate himself at times. Although he is kind and caring, if he gets too mad, he will become Devious, Vengeful, Malicous, and Cruel. He calculates which emotions are being dominant through percentages, which shows his personality in a mathematical term (Even though he dramatically fails in Math)

Emotional CalculationsEdit

00% - Normal

+01-25% - Happy

+26-75% - Excited

+76-above% - Unknown amount of Happiness

- 01-33% - Sad

- 34-67% - Mad

- 68-143% - Enraged

- 144-397% - Furious

- 398-639% -Steaming

- 640-812% - Boiling Ferocity

- 813-1000% - Demonic

- 1000- anything lower - Doom to the Planet

Camp Rock 1 1/2: Camp HopEdit

Geo is first introduced in the 1st Chapter of the fanfiction. That is when Caitlyn wanders into his SummerHouse Cabin, thinking it was haunted. Soon, after freaking her out, then properly introducing himself. He merely states his name as 'Geo Scarlet', not bothering to tell her his real last name. Soon after, it is revealed that he is a member of Camp Hop. And is also a Camp Admin, Number 13 of the Admin Council of 13. This leads to members of Camp Rock showing disdain to him. Even though he has done nothing wrong, but it is revealed that it isn't what HE is doing, but what the Camp Owner is doing. While Caitlyn doesn't know about the Camp Hop's Owner wanting to destroy Camp Rock. Eventually, she finds out, and leaves the company of Geo. Which saddens him. He eventually tracks her down, and makes her answer WHY exactly she has stopped hanging out with him, and why the other Camp Rockers show such disdain to him. She tells him about the Camp Owner of Camp Hop wanting to destroy Camp Rock. Which is the entire reason the Camp War is in place. He reveals he didn't know about that, even though he is in the Admin Council of 13. Caitlyn does not believe him, and yells that she never wants anything to do with him anymore, then leaves. Distraught. Geo resigns his position from Camp Hop, and the Admin Council of 13. After, he flees into his SummerHouse Cabin, and locks himself inside for about a week. Then, as Caitlyn is rowing near the Cabin. She hears a new song. It has more of an evil tone to it. She recognizes the song as Septette for the Dead Princess SWR, which she remembers Geo had told her he rarely plays the song, and only does play it when emotionally distraught. Or full or Rage and Vengeance. In this case, being both. Then, she sees Tess rowing near, and an explosion happens inside the cabin, and she sees glass fall out of the cabin. Caitlyn rushes in and sees that Geo is against the window wall, with shards of glass around him, and his left arm is bleeding, as well as the side of his skull. Geo faintly calls out her name, then loses consciousness. Caitlyn rushes him to the Nurse's Office in Camp Rock. With, Mitchie, Shane, and Ella seeing his condition, help get Geo to the Nurse. Soon after Geo awakens and sees Caitlyn, Mitchie, Shane, Nicolas, Cherisse, and Ella next him. He asks what happened. And Caitlyn tells him what happened, and that he had been unconscious for about a day. Also she tells him the Nurse said his left wrist is fractured. Which greatly depresses him, being rendered unable to play the keyboard completely (even though he can still play with 1 hand, to an extent). The other Camp Rockers apologize to him, as Caitlyn tells them that Geo honestly had no idea that Camp Hop wanted Camp Rock shut down. Geo becomes a part of Camp Rock, and opens a class where people that have heard his music, he and Nicolas will help choreograph dance moves to the songs (which Caitlyn recorded Geo's songs, and Geo recorded Nicolas' songs). Eventually, they get in the Final Round of the Camp War.


~It seems apparent, that both Caitlyn and Geo have a crush on each other, but wont admit it.

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