Mitchie Torres is the main female protagonist of Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.

Camp RockEdit

At the start of the film we see Mitchie awake and get ready for her last day of school before the Summer holidays. She wants to spend her Summer at the famous music camp, Camp Rock, and has taken to leaving the camp's brochure all over the house in an effort to convince her parents to let her go. Her parents say she can't go as they can't afford the camp's high frees. All is solved later that day, when her mum takes the job as the camps cook, through her catering serves "Connie's catering" meaning that Mitchie is able to attend the camp on a reduced fee so long as she helps out in the kitchens. Mitchie is ok with this as she is able to live her "dream" of attending the camp she always wanted to go to. When Mitchie gets to the camp she quickly becomes friends with Caitlyn Gellar, a fellow campier who aspires to become a top selling music producer in the future. All is going well for Mitchie until she has a run in with Tess Tyler, the camp "it" girl who's mother is a top selling singer who looks down on people whoes family aren't successful. Mitchie lies about her mothers job, when asked by Tess, saying she is is the Managing director of Hot Tunes China, impressed Tess allows her to join her group. == Camp Rock 1 1/2: Camp Hop== -Camp Rock 1 1/2: Camp Hop is NOT meant to be edited by anyone other than One-Winged Demon, or any given permission to by One-Winged Demon.-

A Year passes by, and Mitchie Torres is now 15. She, returns to Camp Rock along with Caitlyn and others, for another Summer of Fun. She serves as a main character like in the sequel and prequel, as this stands as a midquel. When returning to Camp Rock. Caitlyn leaves to see a 'haunted' cabin in another lake near the Camp Rock area. After, Caitlyn comes back to tell Mitchie that she found out a young music composer/producer (like Caitlyn herself), and that the boy lives IN the 'haunted' cabin, which is revealed to be a simple Summer House. Soon, they find to be that he is part of another camp called Camp Hop. Camp Hop's owner Delila Sanchez, soon clashes with Shane Gray's Uncle (the owner of Camp Rock). Which leads to the 1st Camp War to start.

Camp Rock 2: The Final JamEdit

Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato) returns to Camp Rock to be reunited with all of her camp friends. Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) and his band mates and brothers Jason (Kevin Jonas) and Nate (Nick Jonas) arrive at camp in a chicken wagon after their bus had fallen into the lake. Meanwhile, Axel Turner (Daniel Kash), the director of the new Camp Star located across the lake, invites Camp Rock to attend a friendly bonfire. After seeing Camp Star's musical performance headlined by Luke Williams (Matthew "Mdot" Finley), Camp Star's top performer, many campers, including former Camp Rock diva Tess Tyler (Meaghan Jette Martin), decide to leave Camp Rock and join Camp Star along with many of the staff after Axel promises to double their salaries. Tess quickly becomes partners with Luke on all of Camp Star's performances. Although they sing very well together and look like they make a great team onstage, they constantly fight over the spotlight and believe that competition is all that matters. Meanwhile, Nate falls in love with Dana Turner (Chloe Bridges), daughter of Axel; however, Dana's father refuses to let her to talk to him because he is the competition.

Since most of Camp Rock's staff has left, Mitchie and her gang of friends who have stayed behind take it upon themselves to be Camp Rock counselors. At first, the new counselors struggle to keep up with their new schedules, and Shane becomes frustrated that he and Mitchie aren't spending enough time together. But eventually everyone finds their niche. When discussing the future of Camp Rock, Mitchie and her friends plan a musical showdown between the two camps at Final Jam. Camp Star agrees as Axel suggests they should challenge each other to Camp Wars, a musical showdown being broadcast live on TV. Axel texts and tweets every mobile phone in the western hemisphere persuading people to vote for Camp Star.

Although Camp Rock put their heart and soul into their performance with Shane and Mitchie singing lead vocals, the rest of the campers as dancers and musicians, and a video made by Trevor (Frankie Jonas) of their time together airing during the song, Camp Star wins (due to Axel's biased ad campaign) which leaves Mitchie and her friends devastated as it means that Camp Rock will now have to close down. Despite the loss, Camp Rock's performance earns great applause from the crowd and Tess is shown to feel bad about the win as she knows Camp Rock deserved it. The remaining Camp Rock staff and campers return to Camp Rock and gather and sing around the campfire one last time together. As they enjoy themselves, many of Camp Star's campers including Tess and Dana show up having seen the bonfire and ask to join in. Led by Tess, some members of Camp Star except Luke request to go to Camp Rock the next summer because it is much more fun than Camp Star, meaning that Camp Rock will have enough campers to stay alive for another summer.


Mitchie is very shy and has stage fright. She enjoys singing and writes her own songs such as "This Is Me" and "Who Will I Be" she also enjoys playing instruments like guitar and piano.


Mitchie is very shy and has stage fright. She enjoys singing and writes her own songs such as "This Is Me" and "Who Will I Be" she also enjoys playing instruments like guitar and piano

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Mitchie is portrayed by american actress Demi Lovato in both Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2.
  • Mitchie is the first person to be seen in the first film.
  • She owns a small yellow song book, the book is seen to be filled with songs Mitchie has wrote but only two are mentioned.
  • Mitchie can play guitar and piano.
  • Mitchie is presumed to be 14 in Camp Rock 1.

Important LinksEdit

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