Nicolas Kobayashi or known by his stage name Nicolas Scarlet is a young boy about 16-17. His professions are: Singer, Guitarist, Pianist, Violinist, Music Composer/Producer (un-professional), Choreographer, and Camp Admin.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Nicolas' childhood. What is known, is that he has known Cherisse and Geo for at least a decade. He has studied the art of Song. He has played the Piano, Guitar, and Violin for at least a decade.

Intelligence + Intelligence CharacteristicsEdit

~His learning rate is at least x4 that of Geo's (who picks up on things quicker than average people)

~Might be emotionally sensitive

~His Mathematical, Literature, Scientific, and Logical understanding is very high

~His hearing is highly advanced, being able to hear the faintest of steps.

~Prodigious skill in Violin, Piano, and Guitar.

~Prefers the company of adults, or Geo (who shares his giftedness), or his Music, or himself.



~It is unknown why, but he gets headaches randomly


One thing that should be noted, is that Nicolas IS a genius, having an IQ of 203. Which also explains why he knew the Square Root of Pi when 6 years old.


Nicolas has a kind nature. Although people (specifically Geo) gets VERY annoyed when Nicolas is oblivious to the fact someone is being troubled by something, and he takes no notice to it even if its near him. To which Geo usually pimp-slaps him, THEN, tells him who is sad.

Camp Rock 1 1/2: Camp HopEdit

In this fanfiction, Nicolas serves a bigger role towards the ending of the story, He, and Geo opening up a class together to prepare the others for the Final Clash of the Camp War.

Nicolas is not physically (fully) introduced in the story until the Middle part of the story's ending (or the Beggining of the Last Part of the Story). The Only times Nicolas is seen in the beggining/middle, is either by mentioning, or by Webcam Chat with Geo, and Cherisse. The first full physical appearence is when he and Cherisse arrive at the Last Part of the Middle Piece (also the First Part of the LastStory), when Geo wakes up from the explosion.

After, with permission from Brown, Nicolas and Geo open a song, specifically for the people that want to learn how to dance, and perform their [Geo and Nicolas'] songs.

But, also, open another, all-rounder class, where Geo and Nicolas assist choreograph songs.

Eventually they get to the Final Clash of the Camp War.


~In the story, Nicolas and Geo are almost identical in personality, and everything else.

Important LinksEdit

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